Welcome to San Diego eFiling!

San Diego eFiling is live in the Central Division. As of March 4, 2013, eFiling is mandated for the following case types:

  • Civil Class Actions
  • Consolidated Actions
  • Coordinated Actions, where all of the cases are imaged
  • Provisionally Complex Actions under CRC 3.400-3.403. (General Order of the Court No. 010313)
  • Antitrust/Trade Regulation
  • Mass Tort
  • Environmental/Toxic Tort
  • Securities Litigation
  • Insurance Coverage Claims (arising from above case types)
  • Construction Defect & JCCP

Documents may be eFiled in civil cases in the Central Division where either (1) the case is first initiated on or after March 4th 2013; or (2) the case is pending as of March 3rd 2013 and has been imaged by the Court.

Additionally, documents may be filed electronically in non-mandated probate cases court-wide where either:  (1) the case is first initiated on or after October 1, 2013; or (2)  the case is already pending as of October 1, 2013 and has been imaged by the court.

Benefits to Filers

  • 5 p.m. filing deadline*
  • eFiling provides a direct link between the filer and the Court
  • 24/7 access to eFiling anywhere in the world
  • eFiled documents take less time for the Court to process
  • Security and control of documents – documents and court filing fees will reach the clerk
  • Special access to CaseLink for Enhanced eService for Construction Defect and JCCP cases only
  • Lower fees compared to most other methods of filing
  • Statutory fees are advanced to the court on your behalf – no convenience fee assessed

*Please allow time for transmission and conversion of documents prior to the Court’s deadline.

Attention: Indigent Filers

If the case to which you are filing has been mandated for E-Filing, you will not be charged to file through One Legal.

Indigent filers who have no access to a payment card can contact our customer support team at (800) 938-8815.  For additional information, click here.

Indigent filers who have access to a credit card, an ATM card or a prepayment card can sign up right now.  No fees will be assessed to the card as long as the court approves your Fee Waiver.

If the case to which you are filing has not been mandated for E-Filing, then regular charges do apply.

One Legal, formerly Fax & File, offers professional and convenient legal services including court filing, nationwide process service, courtesy copy delivery, and nationwide court research and public record document retrieval. eFiling (electronic court filing), with eService (electronic process serving), is available in courts that accept electronic court documents and eService is available for all civil actions filed in California Superior courts.