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Mark Schwartz

Mark Schwartz-legal secretary-paralegal-mcle

Director of Training and Research

I was "born & raised" in this industry and with over 35 years of experience in such areas as court filing, process serving and court and document research, I bring significant experience to the world of legal support. 

As a former President of the California Association of Legal Support Professionals (CALSPro) as well as co-developer and instructor emeritus for the CALSPro Certified Process Server program, I have educated hundreds of process servers, paralegals, court filers, attorneys and legal secretaries. 

I am a member of the American Society of Training & Development, Santa Clara County Legal Professionals Association and the Paralegal Association of Santa Clara County, and I hold a paralegal certificate from West Valley College (Saratoga, CA).  I've been with One Legal for over five years and work in our San Jose branch.   My email address is

My team and I look forward to working with you!

Shelley Craig

one legal, eFiling, eService, court filing, paralegal, attorney, legal secretary

Product Training & Research Manager - Texas

Well, as the saying goes, I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could.  I’ve been fortunate to live all over the great state of Texas so I am looking forward to assisting our Texas customers with our new eFiling products.  I have over 15 years of corporate and online product training experience. I worked in the healthcare and information technology industries before joining One Legal. 

I am a member of American Society of Training and Development and hold a master’s degree in eLearning from Texas A&M.  I currently live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  My email address is  I look forward to meeting you online or in person.

Lili Daniel

lili daniel-legal secretary-paralegal-mcle

Product Training and Research Manager - California

I started my career with One Legal over eight years ago, and like my colleague Brooke, I too worked my way up the company ranks from document specialist, branch manager and corporate trainer.  I have vast knowledge in court filing, process serving, eFiling and more.

I am a CALSPro Certified Process Server (C.C.P.S.) and a board member of the San Gabriel Valley Legal Secretaries Association. 

I work in our Los Angeles branch.  My email address is

I look forward to meeting and working with you, whether that be in person or virtually!

Brooke Greene

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Product Training and Research Coordinator

I started my career with One Legal over five years ago as a Document Specialist (preparing and filing documents) and have also been a branch manager and  corporate trainer for our company.  As such, I bring a lot of hands on, practical experience to our training.

I am a CALSPro Certified Process Server (C.C.P.S.) and a member of the San Diego Legal Secretaries Association and the San Diego Paralegal Association.  I also hold a paralegal certificate from Cal State Monterey Bay (Monterey, CA).

I work in San Diego.  My email address is 

I look forward to helping you refine your skills!

Mikhail Globus

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Product Training and Research Coordinator

I began my career with One Legal in 2011 as a Document Specialist in the Service of Process department where I handled a variety of orders, from routine deliveries to challenging personal serves that involved tracing and managing stakeouts at multiple locations across the state.

I hold a Paralegal certificate from UCLA Extension and am a member of the Los Angeles Paralegal Association (LAPA) and the Rio Hondo District Legal Professionals Association. I am a CALSPro Certified Process Server (C.C.P.S.) as well. Prior to entering the legal profession I served in the United States Marine Corps and graduated from UC Riverside.

I work in our Los Angeles branch. My email address is

I look forward to help you integrate your experience and existing skills with new solutions!

MCLE Credit for Product Training Provided!

Courses/Presentations (MCLE credit provided):

Click on any of the links below for more details, and to sign up for our free courses.  All courses are offered in person (contingent upon your location) and via webinar!

"Adobe Acrobat for the Law Office"

This one hour class will teach you the basics of Adobe Acrobat, including bookmarking, digital signatures, Bates stamping, and more.  Please note, due to California State Bar requirements, this course DOES NOT provide MCLE credit.

"Do the Texas Two-Step - eFiling & eService in Texas"

This one hour course touches on the rules and requirements for eFiling and eService in the Texas courts and we'll also walk you through the steps necessary in order to eFile and eServe your documents.

We also offer a course on account administration (for firm administrators).  

"eService - The End to Stuffing Envelopes"

This one-half hour class will touch on the rules and statutes and will show you how to add eService to an eFiling or a Physical filing order.

Oranges the Year 'Round - eFiling & eService in Orange County Superior Court 

This one hour training session walks you through all the steps necessary in order to eFile and eServe your documents in Orange County Superior Court. 

Saving Trees & Time - eFiling & eService in California

This one hour overview touches on the basic rules and statutes of eFiling and eService and the benefits eFiling & eService can provide. 

"Sunny in San Diego - eFiling & eService in San Diego County Superior Court"

This one hour training session walks you through all the steps necessary in order to eFile and eServe your documents in San Diego County Superior Court.

 Tools of the Trade - Using our Court Filing, Process Serving, Court Research & Courtesy Copy Products

This one hour class gives you all of tools you need in order to utilize our "traditional" products.  

Who’s at the Door? - Successfully Serving Summons & Subpoenas"

This one hour presentation focuses on California service of process statutes and process serving methodology. 


Continuing Legal Education Course Suggestion

At One Legal, we constantly seek input and suggestions from our customers on how to improve our products and training. Please fill out the form below with your suggestions for Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses.

Please DO NOT use this form for course or presentation sign ups. Instead, click on one of the links at the top of the page.