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New California Superior Court Filing Fees!


Late last week Governor Brown signed the fiscal year 2012-2013 state budget and related “trailer bills.”  One of those trailer bills contained various increases to the "Superior Court of California Statewide Civil Fee Schedule" as well as a change to the deadline for making jury deposits. 

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Photo credit:  Officer Phil

This link provides a complete listing of filing fees; those which are highlighted in yellow denote changes and increases.

Jury fee deposits are currently due "at least 25 calendar days before the date initially set for trial, except that in unlawful detainer actions the fees shall be deposited at least five days before the date set for trial." Ref. C.C.P. 631 (b).  That is still the case although that verbiage is now in section (d) and a new section, (c), see Senate Bill 1021, has been added: 

(c) The advance jury fee deposit shall be made on or before the
date scheduled for the initial case management conference in the
action. If no case management conference is scheduled in a civil
action, the advance jury deposit shall be made no later than 365
calendar days after the filing of the initial complaint. If the party
has not appeared before the initial case management conference
or has appeared more than 365 calendar days after the filing of
the initial complaint, the deposit shall be made as provided in
subdivision (d).

Changes to fees are effective immediately, although not all courts have updated their respective sites yet, and as of the posting of this article, C.C.P. Section 631 has not yet been amended on California's "Find California Code" website. 

We'll be updating our California Court Updates Page with each court's new fee schedules as they become available.


It was recently brought to my attention that the AOC published a FAQ regarding the Jury Fees. Here's the URL: 
Posted @ Tuesday, August 14, 2012 2:59 PM by Mark Schwartz
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