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Take a Look at Our Prices. They're Easy to Find!


Having spent more than two decades in marketing, I have a pet peeve. That peeve is companies that try and hide their prices, or only disclose part of their prices.

This practice seems to be fairly common in our little space of the legal industry. Companies that do court filing either don't have their pricing on their websites or they have partial pricing that leaves out charges for advancing fees or things like "finance fees" or "check charges" that appear on their invoices.

Why do customers accept this behavior? If handled pricing this way, this is how one of my favorite books would be displayed:

C  Users ewinkler.ONELEGAL Downloads Kitchen Confidential Pricing resized 600

Now who in their right mind would click the "Buy" button with pricing described like that? I know I wouldn't. Of course, that's not how Amazon actually lists their prices. That's just a little mock-up I did.

We recently changed our pricing and we'd like you to take some time out of your busy day to look at our prices. Are they hard to find? Not at all. Our prices are up on our website, where they've been for years.  

Some of the changes we made were based on your feedback. We hope you'll notice:

  • We've eliminated the 7% funds advance fee we used to charge you when we paid statutory fees on your behalf. Of course we still advance fees. We just don't charge for it anymore.
  • We've eliminated the $49.95 Urgent fee we used to charge during the last hour before deadline for California Court Filing. Urgent service is still available during the day and after deadline, but it's not required to file before deadline.
  • We've lowered the base price for a 1-15 page California Court Filing from $39.95 to $37.95. That's a 5% savings on 80% of your transactions with us.

So, though it's not the most exciting part of our website and doesn't contain those cool graphics that us marketing folks like, please visit the pricing section of our website by clicking here. We think you'll be impressed by what you see.


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