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How Will The Government Shutdown Affect Court Filing?


Will A Government Shutdown Happen?

All signs are pointing to an inevitable shutdown of the federal government.  During this time, the One Legal will keep you informed with updates from our staff inside the local courts.  Here is the latest news:

Empty Courtroom
Photo Credit: KATY GRIMES

Federal Court Document Filing:

Below is a copy of a recent news item from posted on April 5th

“What Happens to Courts if the Federal Government Closes?

April 05, 2011

If Congress is unable to agree on the continued funding of government before April 8th, the Judiciary is prepared to use non-appropriated fees to keep the courts running for up to two weeks.

Once that funding is exhausted, however, the federal court system faces serious disruptions. Following their own contingency plans, federal courts would limit operation to essential activities.

For the federal courts, this would mean limiting activities to those functions necessary and essential to continue the resolution of cases. All other personnel services not related to judicial functions would be suspended.

The jury system would operate as necessary, although payments to jurors would be deferred. Attorneys and essential support staff in federal defender offices and court-appointed counsel would continue to provide defense services as needed, but again, payments would be deferred. Courts would determine the number of probation office staff needed to maintain service to the courts and the safety of the community.”


Federal Court Document Filing - Additional Resources

Federal Court eFiling - click here for Pacer Court Links

Federal Court Courtesy Copy Delivery:

Should a government shutdown occur, One Legal will continue to accept your orders for federal courtesy copy delivery.  Our team will print your document and prepare to deliver it the moment the court is open and accepting document delivery. 

State Court Document Filing:

At this point, we do not anticipate the federal government shutdown to affect state courts.  However, we are keeping a close watch at our local courts and staying in contact with our court insiders to bring you the latest news. 


One Legal will post additional updates as they arise.  As always, feel free to contact One Legal Customer Support at 800.938.8815 with any questions or concerns.

Share Your Thoughts:

How do you think the impending government shutdown will affect you and your firm?


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