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Futures Commission Solicits Feedback on California Court System


The Commission on the Future of California’s Court System has developed an online survey to seek feedback from the public, attorneys, judicial officers, court staff, and law enforcement on the recommendations to improve the California court system. The purpose of this survey is to generate suggestions that will help facilitate a plan to make the California judicial branch more effective and efficient.

“The commission is particularly interested in identifying outdated laws, systems, or practices and proposals for new approaches, such as the use of technology, that will improve court services and save time and resources in the long term,” said Justice Carol A. Corrigan, an associate justice of the California Supreme Court and chair of the commission. “The goal of the survey is to ensure that we’re focused on today’s most pressing priorities. All ideas are welcome.”

The deadline to complete the online survey is Friday, December 5. If you have any questions you can contact The Commission on the Future of California’s Court System was formulated to study and make recommendations to improve the state’s court operations and accessibility. The commission plans to examine ways to increase efficiency in civil, criminal, traffic, juvenile, and family law matters within the next two years. They are also looking for ways to fiscally stabalize the California court system suffering from a lack of funds.

Will you be providing feedback?

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Survey Says Legal Professionals Prefer Process Servers to Sheriffs


Who do legal professionals trust more with documents that need to be served...the sheriff or a private process server? The answer may surprise you.

78% of paralegals, legal secretaries and administrators surveyed said they prefer legal papers be served by a process server instead of a sheriff.

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Photo Credit: Linda M. Bell

According to a survey conducted by Serve-Now, participants find professional process servers to be worth the added expense. Here's how they ranked process servers vs. sheriffs on some key issues:

  • 90% of those surveyed find process servers complete the task faster than sheriffs.
  • On a scale of 0 to 5, process servers scored a 4.28 for customer service while sheriffs scored a 2.55.
  • 58% find that process servers are more knowledgeable about the laws governing service of process.
  • Participants said process servers are likely to succeed in serving papers 92% of the time, while they ranked sheriffs' likelihood of success at 74%.

On the issue of cost, participants said using a process server is an average of $14.41 more than serving through a sheriff. As noted above, 78% of those surveyed felt the benefit of fast reliable service through process servers outweighed the price savings with a sheriff.

"Over my career, I have found private process servers to be much faster in getting process served, as the sheriff's office generally has other things going on," noted survey participant Theresa Prater, a paralegal.

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