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Proposed Order eFiling Updates in Orange County Coming Soon


On Monday, December 17th, filers of Proposed Orders to The Superior Court of California, County of Orange, will see some changes when filing Proposed Order documents through One Legal.  California Rules of Court


    • California Rule of Court 3.1312(c) requires both a PDF version with a Proposed Order Cover Sheet and a Microsoft Word version (no cover sheet required) be submitted together. 

    • This new submission process does not apply to Probate or Mental Health case types so, for these case types, just keep doing what you've been doing.

  • The court will only accept Microsoft Word documents without password protection.  Other formats (i.e. WordPerfect) cannot be submitted.

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It's not too soon to prepare for these updates:

If you have any other questions, we encourage you to contact our Customer Support team at 
800-938-8815 or


Los Angeles Superior Court: New Court Reporter Availability


Due to state budget cuts, the reduction of court reporters is one of the areas that will be affected in Los Angeles Superior Courts. Effective May 15, 2012, there will be no more official court reporters available for civil trials, but official court reporters will normally be available for general jurisdiction morning calendar matters until June 15, 2012.

 Parties have the ability to arrange to hire personal certified shorthand reporters to be the official court reporter where an official court reporter is not normally unavailable by stipulation and order. You can obtain the Court Approved Stipulation and order form post in the LASC website and available in the clerk’s office.C  Users ldaniel Desktop Court reporter pic resized 600 

 Also, parties have the ability to privately hire a court reporter through the Court approved official court reporter list without a stipulation.  The names and contact information for the list of Court approved reporters will be available on or about July 1, 2012.  

To see more information about court reporter availability in Los Angeles Superior Court please visit:


eService is Now Available for Non-eFiling Cases and Courts


One Legal Service Update:

eService is now available with any One Legal California court filing, regardless of whether the court receiving the filing accepts documents electronically or in paper form.

One Legal's eService available in conjuction with eFiling in Orange County has been a popular addition in 2011 with more and more customers using this feature every month. We asked ourselves, "Why shouldn't this feature be available with any court filing?" We couldn't come up with a reason not to do this.

describe the image

eService can now be done within the court filing workflow. You can now take care of both a physical (paper) or electronic court filing and eService to parties in the case within a single order from a single account. As you evaluate whether or not to switch from traditional forms of service, such as couriers and mail, we anticipate you will likely have two questions:

  • When can I do eService?
  • How can I do eService?

We created a dedicated website that answers both of those questions and also provides California Rules of Court regarding eServices as well as helpful videos and guides to get you started. You can find that page by clicking here.

We've also created a website explaining the cost-saving and stress-reducing benefits of eService. That's available by clicking here.

eService with One Legal costs just $0.99 per recipient up to a maximum of $9.95 per order. That means after the 10th recipient, we just stop charging you. If you are managing service around a Civil Complex case, for example, that can add up to some significant savings in time and expense.

We know you are busier than ever and that your firms are asking more of you than ever. It's harder to find the time to assemble and address packets of documents to either be mailed or couriered to other parties. We think you'll find eService a way to find a little extra time in your day while saving your firm some dollars at the same time.

If eService is of interest, but sounds just a little intimidating, please take advantage of our full-time training team. They are standing by with MCLE-accredited training courses that cover eFiling and eService, among other topics. Our training is offered free of charge. To arrange a training session for yourself or your firm, please email us at

Stanislaus Court Becoming More Paperless: Could eFiling Be the Next Step?


The Stanislaus County Superior Court reported to the Modesto Bee that it is utilizing software to provide a paperless link between itself and the 5th District Court of Appeal in Fresno.

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The Transcript Assembly Program utilizes software that creates electronic copies of case files to be transferred to appellate courts. In the past, clerks would copy, stamp, paginate and assemble paper documents that would then have to be trucked down to Fresno. Now, this is done electronically.

Jeanine Tucker, clerical services manager at the Stanislaus Court, says the software is reducing the staff needed to transfer these cases while also saving shipping and storage costs. Ms. Tucker reports it saves more than four hours of work per 300 pages in a case file.

"It saves tons of trees and manpower," Tucker told the Modesto Bee. It's doing everything electronically that our staff would have to do by hand before."

The move to an electronic system has helped the court address the budget crisis by allowing it to redirect staff to handle other clerical work. Because of this, the Stanislaus Superior Court has been able to avoid layoffs so far.

While the program is currently only employed for Civil Unlimited cases, the court plans to expand the program to include juvenile cases heading for the appellate court.

"It is an essential first step to creating an entirely digitized court record," said Stanislaus County Superior Court Judge Ricardo Cordova.

"Courts around the state are trying to go more paperless," added Tucker. "In the future, we might be able to have customers view a case file on a monitor at the counter."

The court is currently scanning in paper documents to get them into the software system. One can't help, but wonder if eFiling might be a way for this court to eliminate another labor-intensive process and move one step closer to having that entirely digitized court record that Judge Cordova envisions.

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