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Will the iPad See Its Day in Court?


Is Apple's iPad for entertainment or is it a tool for litigation? A few of the legal technology blogs are starting to grapple with that very question.

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Photo Credit: Louis Abate

Two developers recently introduced iPad applications for trial presentation. LitSoftware introduced TrialPad, which sells for $89.99, and Rosen Litigation Technology Consulting introduced Evidence, which sells for $9.99. You can see screenshots and an overview of each at Ted Brooks Trial Technology Blog.

Developers have also recently rolled out iPad applications for Jury Selection and Observation, such as JuryTracker and iJuror.

This has us wondering if the iPad has potential for our court filing and process serving customers. Could the iPad end up being a courtroom Swiss Army Knife for sole practitioners that must quickly locate information without the aid of large support staffs? Could it end up being a powerful two-way communciation and information sharing tool for a process server? It's not hard to picture a process server accessing directions and specific service instructions and then confirming service of process has been completed using an iPad. Then again, one would have to value the convenience of an iPad versus a SmartPhone in that type of situation.

It's hard to say whether the iPad will complete its attempted migration from the sofa to the bench, but it will be an interesting trial technology trend to keep an eye on in 2011.

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